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Exhibition in New Orleans,Meet the IAOM

time:2017-06-13 09:49:03

Was founded in 1718, the city of New Orleans is located in the southern United States, is a city full of romantic French amorous feelings,

The Mississippi River, flowing quietly into the gulf of Mexico... April 9, Mr. Yuan Ruilin ,the chairman of the Xiqiao rolls Factory ,

and part of the flour industry in Shandong entrepreneurs a line, under the guidance of Dr Wang Fengcheng,

participated in the "2017 American international milling technology and equipment exhibition".

During the conference, Mr.Yuan total line through extensive contacts and exchanges with north American flour enterprises,

deep understanding of the north American flour industry development trend and direction, at the same time,

also closely contact to experience the most high-end, the forefront of international famous pulverizing equipment and technology.
In the meeting, Mr.Yuan has met with the executive secretary of the American flour association,

the editor-in-chief of WORLD GRAIN, President of the Italian OMAS group, and the sales director of GOLFETTO SANGATI ...

Yuan is pictured with Miss. Elena Elena, executive secretary of the American flour association ,and Dr. Wang fengcheng

Yuan is pictured with President of the Italian omas group and Dr. Wang fengcheng,

Yuan is pictured with Dr. Wang fengcheng, editor-in-chief of WORLD GRAIN magazine

Xiqiao rolls is the general agent in North America to the local milling enterprises promote the company's core technology and products,

 let the Xiqiao and north American flour industry known advantages and brand of roller, smoothly into the north American market for the product out of a solid step.

(编辑:Su sun-Xiqiao rolls)