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We attended the 2017 iDMA exhibition in Turkey

time:2017-06-13 09:37:59

In may the Turkish climate is pleasant , Istanbul, across Eurasia, is more picturesque.

On May 4-7, Mr.Yuan Rilin,the chairman of the President of the Xiqiao group, participated in the two years of iDMA exhibition.

The exhibition is unprecedented in scale, with the exception of local manufacturers, who are also involved.


For the first time, the XIQIAO rolls has been shown in the international window as a stand. Through this exhibition,

the XIQIAO rolls your own brand, image, product further made known to the world and are familiar with, let the world know China,

further understand Chinese rolls, understand China's national standard rolls -- -- -- -- -- - XIQIAO rolls.


Company widely in depth communication with clients, colleagues, understand the development trend of international food machinery,

seriously analyzed the international macroeconomic environment and industry environment, and make clear strategy,

realize the scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading,

and strive to make ourXIQIAO rolls service level as the world's best food machine.


XIQIAO rolls, serving the world; XIQIAO rolls, create a win-win!

(编辑:Su sun-Xiqiao rolls)