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Taixing Xiqiao Roller Factory is located in the beautiful riverside city – Taixing, it was established in 1995 and a professional factory that manufactures flour grinder roll, fodder breaker roller and grease roller. Its factory formula and process technology are from the committee that drafted the standard of grinder roll, it was originally the Wuxi Grain Machine Factory. In 1997, notable expert group of original ministry of internal trade commented as domestic leading technology and it can replace the imported products. In 2004, we adopted the advanced international formula and process technology, and manufacturedvanadium and titanium alloy grinder roll. In 2009, after reviewed by notable expert group of national grain industry, vanadium and titanium alloy grinder roll was commented as advanced international technology with low hardness and high wear resisting. Its main features include wear resisting, power saving, heat resisting, less deformation. It could increase the economic benefits of customers, enhance the competitiveness among flour market, provide effective aids to realize the win-win target and matches with the imported flour mill such as Buhler, GBS, Ocrim and etc.


Our products are widely used to grain roller type flour mill, compactor which is used to process the breakfast oatmeal, chocolate refiner, malt wet crushing mill, grinder roll crusher which are needed in the feed processing and edible oil processing plant. We provide the worldwide customers with various kinds of cost-effective roller to meet the customers’ need for high quality.

In 2013, Taixing Xiqiao Roller Factory jointly drafted new grinder roll national standard with He’nan University of Technology and Buhler.

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